About SMNA


San Miguel Neighbors Association was formed in 1994 as a registered Sunnyvale neighborhood association.


The San Miguel Neighbors Association’s purpose is to encourage the multi-cultural and multi-generational families in our neighborhood to come together and create a community that reflects its pride and diversity, to increase the feeling of security and concern among neighbors, inform residents about services that can be helpful to them and to educate the City of Sunnyvale about our community needs and concerns.


SMNA is located between DUANE and AWAHNEE (running East and West) and FAIR OAKS and LAWRENCE EXPRESSWAY (running North and South) and includes all 735 single-family homes within those boundaries which includes an additional pocket of homes on Cypress and Duane between Fair Oaks and Britton.

SMNA Service Area Map:

[click on map below to see large version in a new window, PDF version here]


Current Volunteer Staff:

Chair: Tara Martin-Milius 408-733-5778
Vice Chair: Luis Angulo
Secretary: Herminia Angulo
Treasurer: Elinor Sheldon
Newsletter: Judy Santiago 408-737-2653
Education Liason: Elinior Sheldon
Social Media: Virginia Angulo

Things people can do:

  • Deliver newsletters 5 times a year, each route is 30-60 newsletters
  • Volunteer to monitor a dumpster during Dumpster Day, 1 day per year
  • Attend regular meetings, 10 times per year
  • Volunteer to help with Neighborhood Watch
  • Volunteer to help with one of the annual events: Rummage Sale fundraiser, Dumpster Day, National Nite Out Ice Cream Social for crime prevention, Holiday Pot Luck Dinner
  • Join the Education Committee and help the school


985 E. Duane Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94085